FutureProfits Visits Google and Other Local Companies.

High school students are using their experiences in FutureProfits to plan and dream for their futures.

Recently, after a FutureProfits field trip to Google, a student said, “Yesterday, I decided to be a firefighter. We watched a video and in it, it said ‘choose the career you would choose if it wasn’t about the money.’ And I said to myself right then, ‘I want to be a firefighter.” It is moments like these that impact a student’s life. If just one of our students can dream about their futures in a positive way, then this program is successful.

One of the problems we face with our FutureProfits students is that no one has showed them how to dream about the endless career possibilities for their lives. However, one of the great things about FutureProfits is that we not only teach life decision making skills and financial literacy, we also provide students with opportunities to dream big dreams. Our hope is that students will look at life after high school with hope and replace their limited vision for the future with a positive goal in mind. One way we do this is through our FutureProfits labs.

The Labs take students out of the classroom and show them first hand the concepts and principles taught in class, as well as possible career paths and futures. We do this by visiting a number of different companies and listening to employees share their journeys out of high school or college. This year we got to visit a number of different companies in various industries, ranging from technology to sports. The students visited GoogleNew RelicWoodruff SawyerSpectrum Equity, and Noah Basketball. Students left feeling inspired about their lives after high school and many students took to heart the advice given to them at the different companies.

Here are a few thoughts from the students after the field trips:

“I learned to go for what you want to do in the future and to not give up on that.” -Everlin

“I learned that you don’t have to be from a high-class to get where you are going.” -Randy

“It was amazing that some of the speakers didn’t always know what they were doing with their lives.” -Keionte

“I liked that the speakers shared their lives with us.” -Mariela

“I really loved their work environment.” -Gisel

Thank you so much to the companies, volunteers, and donors who make these experiences possible!


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